bob_noel_fbI spend a lot of time researching alternative topics that interest me. One topic leads to another leads to another. Questions are never fully answered, but curiosity is quelled by the distraction of finding new questions. It's a neverending quest. I hope you enjoy reading about some of my distractions.

I've 'owned' the domain name elleon.com since 1997 and have never really done anything worthwhile with it. So, why not start a blog and share some knowledge about some things that interest me? Most of my posts will lightly touch on some subjects that are near and dear to my heart. Or subjects that have thrown me into a state of total cognitive dissonance! I wont be delving deeply into any of them just yet, but am hoping that if a subject piques your interest or 'resonates' with you, that you'll do some earnest research of your own. There are so many hidden truths out there! Time, patience, and a desire to learn more are all you need! Probably a computer or smartphone would be handy, too. 😉

More about me... My name is Noelle. I'm 49 and live in Nebraska. I married my best friend, Bob, on December 8, 2001. I have two children from a previous marriage. Ashley is 30 and is a Certified Nursing Assistant. Nicholas is 29 and is a tech support representative for First Data Resources. Me? I consider myself a professional volunteer :)  I build websites, am a graphic artist, and an amateur photographer. Photoshop is one of my passions. Bob owns and operates multiple companies. Roth Storage (storage units). John Roth & Son (processes proteins from midwest packing houses). Omaha Gun Club (currently under construction...will be a 5 star indoor shooting range).

Dogs. Where do I begin? I love them so. I currently have a little herd of dachshunds. Bob and I are both on the board of directors for Nebraska Dachshund Rescue. It's a lot of work, and, many times, a thankless job. We've saved over 1200 dachshunds in the last eight years! THAT is all the thanks we need!

What does Elleon mean? It's my name backwards :)