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People just love their labels. Of course, there are many sub-classes for each of these categories, but, I'm just going to stick with the major ones.

  • Carnivore - only capable of eating meat
  • Omnivore - capable of eating meat and a plant-based diet
  • Vegetarian - only eats a plant-based diet. May or may not eat dairy. (this one is a grey area)(hey, why isnt this called Herbivore??)
  • Vegan - does not eat anything that involves an animal. And it goes beyond that and is considered a lifestyle, too. They dont use anything in their daily lives that involved an leather, for example.
  • Pescetarian - eats a plant-based diet, dairy, and fish.
  • Pollotarian - eats a plant-based diet, dairy, fish, and fowl.

In doing a little research about the whole herbivore vs vegetarian labels, it seems that herbivore and carnivore are more 'scientific' than choice. Those classify an animal that only has the capability of eating a specific diet. So, regardless of personal eating choice, humans would be classified at Omnivores.

A vegan, a doctor, and an Italian walk into a bar. WIthin five minutes, everyone knows it. Oooh, what if one person is all three?? Bonus points if that person mentions all three 'labels' within five minutes! :)

royalrifeEverything on this planet is formed from molecules. Molecules are groupings of specific atoms and they form the matter that we can see (and, by virtue of obviousness, so do atoms). Every molecule oscillates at its own distinct frequency...and each vibrating molecule has a destruction frequency. What I mean is that there is a specific frequency that can destroy a specific molecule. Or, as Dr Rife coined it, the 'mortal oscillatory rate' (MOR). How does a crystal glass break when exposed to a certain frequency of someone's voice? Because the frequency was the exact MOR to destroy the crystal molecular structure.

Dr Rife actually patented and built the first electron microscope. He could SEE the molecules and he could SEE the actual destruction of molecules when they were subjected to certain frequencies. Using his microscope, he logged thousands of frequencies that destroy thousands of specific pathogens. Enter the AMA (American Medical Association). They branded him a quack and destroyed all of his microscopes. Yes, Dr Rife posed a serious threat to the profit-based medical industry. They couldnt let this nonsense of curing ALL diseases be as simple as hooking up to a machine and dosing a body with harmless electrical frequencies. Correction: Harmless to billions of molecules except for the one that would be destroyed by THAT frequency. ...continue reading

herxheimerA Herxheimer Reaction can also be known by other names such as a Jarisch-Herxheimer Reaction, Herxheimer Effect,  JHR, Herx, Herxheimer Effect, Herxheimer Response, Herx Reaction, or Herks. Our bodies have an amazing capacity to heal themselves, but occasionally become overloaded through various forms of detox. When the pathogen die-off exceeds our bodies' capacity to 'clean up' the mess, all systems go on overload to compensate. How does this occur? Pathogens (parasites, fungus, virus, bacteria) die. Toxic chemicals (endotoxins) are released from the cell walls of the dying pathogens. An exaggerated inflammatory response kicks in...courtesy of our immune system. We feel 'sick'. That's an extraordinarily 'Cliff Note'd' version of the process!

What are some of the main symptoms of a Herxheimer Reaction?
...continue reading