What is Orgonite? Thank You Dr Reich

"Orgonite is a substance made of resin, metals and quartz that strengthens your body’s energy field, helping to protect you from man-made EMF radiation and negative energy. Orgonite can help improve your life physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Dr Wilhelm Reich, an Austrian psychiatrist, researched orgone energy (also known as chi or prana) in the earlier half of the 20th century, and today’s orgonite devices are built on his findings.  While conducting his research, Dr. Reich found that organic materials attract and hold orgone energy, while non-organic metals simultaneously attract  and repel the energy.

Orgonite is based on these two principles. It is a 50-50 mix of resin (organic, due to the fact that it is based on petrochemicals), and metal shavings (inorganic).  A quartz crystal is also added to the orgonite mix.  This is because of its piezoelectric properties, which means that it gives off a charge when it is put under pressure (resin shrinks when it is cured, so constant pressure is put on the quartz crystal).

Due to the fact that the elements contained in orgonite are constantly attracting and repelling energy, a “scrubbing” action takes place, and along with the charge that the crystal gives off, this cleans stagnant and negative energy, and brings it back to a healthy, vibrant state." Permission to share graciously given by Karin from Orgonise Yourself (source)


I've done 'freezer tests' with my orgonite and the results speak for themselves! I did put a 'control' piece of plain resin underneath one of the glasses so that they would be sitting on the same type and shape of surface and be at the same altitude in the freezer.
My daughter Ashley and I have been making orgonite for years. Ashley is extremely sensitive to energy and vibrations, so she is always a good source for assessing our batch to make sure it's 'strong'. The picture at the top shows pieces from one of our first batches. Copper-coated BB's and a Herkimer diamond embedded in a two-part resin.

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